Saturday, September 8, 2012

Love Story of Cyberspace

embracing air ions - ions
wrap the anode and cathode
create an electromagnetic frequency space
produce the level of the stairs leading to heaven

we're online together
wandering from room to room, dimension by dimension
down point by point
knot by knot
until we sank in a vacuum
byte by Byte bubbling
lifted up
clawed virtual spaces
wrapped around, hug, and then collapsed on a stretch of the story
trace memories
crawling frequency by frequency
gain back any events
despite the pain and tenderness
still I enjoyed this joint pain and tenderness
till you drop
until you're panting tired
pursuing a story that once we make

rises and the higher frequency
and we also started to breath
fell, mutual suspicion,
last ........
we are mired in a dark hole
and we ....
we are groping for a glimmer of light

in the dark, I tried to grab your hand, guide you
though I do not know where the direction we should go
and finally we both can only be surrendered
we have built a dream
bring the virtual to reality

(ditulis oleh hati untuk seorang kekasih yang tengah terbaring sakit - semoga DIA angkat segala sakitmu)